Pen Drive

Pen Drive

The capability of storing a wide amount of information quickly and efficiently with the convenience of easily carrying them in your pockets, key chains or bags makes flash drives one of the most essential and useful tools in today's digital world.

Combine these features with your own brand logo and what you get are customized pen drives which make your business stand out from your peers.

Kabir Creation offers a wide array of stylish, colourful and innovatively designed customized pen drives. We are one of the leading manufacturers of personalized pen drives. We make USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0 in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32 and 64GB size. Some of our popular designs are the pen with pen drive, toy-shaped and credit card pen drives. We can provide in circular, square, triangle, rectangular shapes in wooden, metal, plastic, and leatherette materials. Our products are carefully manufactured to withstand, data corruption, electrical surges as well as rough use at the hands of its owners.

One of the newest and rising trends in the customized pen drive industry is the card pen drive; due to its ease of use and comfort. These resemble in design to a credit card. Such devices offer double physical protection from theft and damage as they can be stored in your wallets.

We are bulk manufacturers of personalized pen drives

Our in-house team is ever ready to process your orders. We have a special team dedicated to shipping and delivering large bulks of pen drives at short notice. We take utmost care that to make sure that our products deliver before deadlines and in perfect condition.

Why go for personalized pen drive?

Unlike the plain old flash drives, a personalized pen drive with your company logo gives your brand a touch of class and professionalism. Such devices advertise your business on the go while giving your employees a sense of pride and loyalty towards your establishment.

Our customization process

Being one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of promotional merchandise, Kabir Creation has a vast experience in serving a range of corporate clients. Our team of creative professionals makes sure the final product remains true to your envisioned idea. If you already have a specific design planned, you can send it to us. Our team of creative professionals will get in touch and guide you in bring your vision to life. Or, you can have a look at our vast portfolio and proceed from there on.