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Kabir Creation has always ranked among the top manufacturers of personalized flags. We possess a vast variety that can be customized in a multitude of ways and be quickly delivered to you, that too in larger quantities. We offer quality personalized flags at cheap prices. Our rates are best in the business and so is our service.

Some of our esteemed clients are sports teams, event holders, schools, corporate chains and many international as well as domestic companies. We have serviced each and every one of these with utmost care and achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

Flags as promotional products

Flags are one of the oldest and most effective products in the promotional merchandise industry. When used in corporate environments, they establish a sense of pride and respect in the workplace. Vibrantly coloured, attractively designed flags swirling in the wind are pleasing to the eye and have the tendency to capture everyone's attention.

You might have noticed that any important event or conference will have its own customized flag. This is to achieve a unique identity in the minds of the audience, while simultaneously conveying a sense of confidence in the hearts of the organizers.

Company flags for all business types

Having custom flags is a great way to not only brighten your business premises but also giving it your own personal touch. Every organization, whether it's a small company or a multi-level corporation, has its own personality. By providing personalized flags, we give you the option to imprint your business identity the way you see fit. We only provide you with the various options, while keeping the power of choice to yourself. You can choose the colour, number of stripes, design or even add a logo.

Advertising with flags

Whether you want people to know about a sale, or you've recently opened a new store or you're selling some new product or service; flags are the perfect way to advertise your news. While one of the oldest forms of information to a large number of people, customized banner flags are becoming one of the trendiest means to capture attention. By strategically placing your flags outside tall buildings, sports centres, open areas or fuel stations you can target many viewers at once, without costing anything extra.

Placing more than one flags in a row can boost the customer attention span even more. The bigger the flag, the bigger the impact it has on its reader and the larger is the number of targeted customers.